Are you ready to expand your joy and light within?

Diving Deep Into Your Soul


Carolyn Berry

On The Big Island Of Hawai'i

May 19-24, 2022

A profoundly life-changing adventure for a handful of individuals (7-9) who desire an in-depth experience that will provide practices:

1. To deepen your relationship to Your Soul, Your Source & The Mana

2. To expand the light and joy within

3. To adeptly conduct your inner light to your outer world

4. To ensure that you flourish from an empowered Soul

We can be part of the solution and help change the tide of greed, hate and violence in our communities.

I am always ready to have someone join me in a campaign to spread our light–to become Messengers of the Light-the Light of joy, Compassion, and Love.

Go Shining!

Carolyn Berry

If you want...

~ To connect to your Soul

~ To relate to others from your essential self

~ To feel joy move through your being like a gentle breeze brushes through the branches of a tree

~ To shine light through the dark and shadows of everyday life

Access & Mobilize Your Human Capacities...

Some of these are: your intuition, your emotional intelligence, your body, your subtle body (biofield). All these aspects are interconnected and related to your Soul…your essential self. We can learn to use these capacities to amplify our Soul. It has been Carolyn's experience, that through the expansion of the Soul we grow and brighten the light within it - within us.

A poem that captures Diving Deep Into Your Soul:


by Joy Harjo

We are each planted with a spark of light.

Each life is like a fire.

We must take care of that light.

Feed it.

Do not let passions or anything we find delight in

Rage and consumes us

In any small or large manner

Or we will dim the fire.

It is made of love of our parents

And ancestors.

It is lit by the Divine within everyone.

We must take care of it.

We each carry light into the world,

Every small and large being.

We share the light with every

Small and large act of compassion.

Laughter and joy make it dance

Beyond time.

What will we leave the day as a gift

Of remembrance and thankfulness?

Your 5 night, 4 1/2 day

Diving Deep Into Your Soul Adventure w/ Carolyn Berry includes:

Diving Deep Into Your Soul teachings with Carolyn

Ground transportation on-island (including to & from Kona Airport)

Clean, delicious catered food (fresh & local when possible)

Workbook to support your experience

Beverages and snacks

Visits to sacred sites

Other activities

Not Included:


On-site lodging at Paliuli Farm ~ paid for separately

(Ranging from $60-110 per night, $250-$550 TOTAL per person)

Join Go Shining Coach, Carolyn Berry, on Big Island, Hawai'i... reset and reconnect...

to move into, and wake-up into, more joy & light

At Paliuli Farm in Ho'naunau

About Your Teacher

Carolyn Berry, m.A.

The Go Shining Coach

Carolyn Berry, MA has spent over 40 years guiding people to emotionally heal and to reach for their human potential. In this role she has served as the Go Shining Coach and mentor, ritual/rites-of-passage leader, and a workshop/retreat presenter…a teacher of creating a shining life. She’s been in recovery from alcoholism for over 40 years, and has been gifted to lead American Indian Medicine Wheel Ceremony for over 20 years.

In her late 60's she realized that she was authentically happy 90% of the time. That realization moved her to write From Misery to Happiness, to share her realization of happiness, which she attributes to practicing the four virtues of Acceptance, Gratitude, Constructive Attention, and Love. Carolyn encourages building the capacities of positive thought and actions and practicing the art of relating and collaborating with all aspects of our being.

Registration Closed

One payment of $1,749 or 3-payments of $583 each


Paliuli Farm

Ho'naunau, Hawai'i

Imagine coffee plants, flowers, and fruit trees growing everywhere you look. Birds waking you with their morning activity, and coquí frogs singing you to sleep each night. Gentle breezes carry the promise of an afternoon shower. And when you’re snorkeling, sometimes the brightly colored fish look like jewels floating in the water.

Located just 30 minutes south of Kailua-Kona (45 minutes south of the Kona Airport), Paliuli Farm is a gorgeous ten acre coffee farm overlooking Pu`uhonua O`Honaunau (the Place of Refuge).

Minutes from Two Steps snorkeling, and the sacred area known as Pu`uhonua O`Honaunau (the Place of Refuge), Paliuli Farm will provide our accommodations, our gathering space (on a covered lanai (porch) with a view down to the ocean, and incredible sunsets), our dining space, and a peaceful environment to connect with yourself and nature.

The entire four units and shared spaces at Paliuli Farm is reserved for us. The managers of the farm, Micki and Lyman, will be assisting Carolyn, including driving, handling logistics, and some teaching. Our gathering space will be on their large lanai (porch), with views down the mountain side to the ocean.

What We Need From You

  • Email your proof of vaccination against COVID-19 after registering
  • Tell us your dietary needs (there is a place for this in the registration form)
  • Tell us your 1st, 2nd, & 3rd choices of rooms, and if you have a person coming you would like to room with
  • Agree to abide by the house rules of Paliuli Farm ~ quiet hrs 9pm-8am, no smoking, and use headphones when listening to media of any kind
  • Be physically able to walk on uneven ground (much of this island is lava rock)
  • Physically be able to walk up and down stairs and get in and out of vehicles

Registration Closed

One payment of $1,749 or 3-payments of $583 each

There may be partial scholarship money available for an individual who wants to attend but has financial need to be able to do so.

Email: to inquire.

Benefits of Joining Us for

Diving Deep Into Your Soul

benefit one

Attain a deeper understanding and more proficient use of your human capacities.

benefit two

Gain valuable insight and practices on how to nurture your Soul and expand your inner light.

benefit three

Deepen your knowledge of and booster your ability to navigate essential life interconnections that create channels for you to shine brighter on your life journey.


We Look Forward to Seeing You

May 19-24, 2022

Paliuli Farm existed long before Captain Cook arrived in the late 1700's. It's a beautiful, tropical, ten acre, secluded, quiet, peaceful, sacred, rustic, country coffee and fruit farm in Ho'naunau, South Kona. It's located in what's called the "sacred triangle" (between Kealakekua Bay & Pu'uhonua 'O Ho'naunau).


at Paliuli Farm

Four Units

Mango Suite $71 a nt

$355 TOTAL per person

Queen sized bed, small kitchen and bathroom, loveseat, ocean view

Option to add a single bed

For two people

Jacaranda Rm $60 a nt

$300 TOTAL per person

Queen sized bed, shared Bali-style community bathroom next door, large screened window looks into jungle

Option to add a single bed

For two people

Pineapple Rm $50 a nt

$250 TOTAL per person

Large King sized bed, shared Bali-style community bathroom across small courtyard

Option for extra pillows to create separation in large bed

For two people

Plumeria Rm $110 a nt

$550 TOTAL 1 person

Queen sized bed, shared Bali-style community bathroom a few steps away, views of the ocean and into the jungle

For one person

Delicious catered


by Chef Liza Brown


Delicious, clean, fresh food catered by Chef Liza. Breakfast bar with fresh, local fruit (as available), protein, yogurt, and pastry. Lunch bar of salad and sandwich fixings (when out for an activity, we'll have a box lunch). Healthy, hot dinner each evening, served family style, with option to add chicken or fish to your plate.

We'll ask you, during the registration process, to tell us about food allergies or intolerances, and any other food restrictions or preferences.

Coffee and a variety of teas, and water, will be available throughout the day.

About Chef Liza

Chef Liza Brown loves preparing delicious, healthy mandalas of food that fulfill her clients need, these include: gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian, as well as chicken and fish dishes. She was a personal chef for the William Randolph Hearst III family, a galley chef on Werner Erhard's yacht, and a cook at Fred's Restaurant in Sausalito, CA.

She's been a resident of Hawai'i for fifteen years, where she has catered with Color Catering preparing food for weddings, special events, and workshops.

You'll leave Paliuli Farm lighter and more yourself.

Relaxed and energized,

and ready for

so, so much more...



Micki and Lyman have co-created The Sovereign Heartland, a community alternative farm school that is fully inclusive of Neuro-unique student qualities and Indigenous wisdom. They opened this learning environment on line in 2021 because of the pandemic. They are excited to sponsor this special opportunity with core faculty, Carolyn Berry, as their first live Heartland offering at the Hawaiian City of Refuge:

Diving Deep Into your Soul

Micki and Lyman are also the managers at Paliuli Farm where this experiential gathering is located. Together they handle logistics, cleaning, repairs, maintenance, grounds upkeep, coffee sales, and happily attending to guests' needs.

For Diving Deep Into Your Soul, Micki and Lyman will be driving, handling logistics, managing your accommodations, assisting Carolyn, and facilitating in alignment with Carolyn's vision.

Micki leads a very full life managing Paliuli Farm, and co-leading The Sovereign Heartland. She is also a teacher, coach, passionate community-builder, and writer who specializes in authentic leadership, strengths-based education, and is expert at teaching about the importance of NeuroUniqueness as the new expansive normal. Micki has a special relationship with the local indigenous Hawaiian Aunties who teach and guide her in her service to Aloha (love in all its forms). She values and lives love, fun, connection, and healthfully being of service.

(See her TEDx Talk: Tapping Your Super Powers HERE.)

Lyman watches over Pauli Farm and has co-led in the development of The Sovereign Heartland to integrating mission with the needs of the 'Aina (land) and the Ohana (extended family). He has been a professional facilitator, outdoor educator, farmer, community-builder, boatman, instructor trainer and program director in the exciting field of experiential education. He is trained as facilitator in Authentic Relating, The Heart of Now and ReBirth Breathwork modalities.

Diving Deep Into

your Soul

A Five Night, Four and A Half Day

 Event with Carolyn Berry

Join Carolyn, Micki, and Lyman, and your cohort, at Paliuli Farm on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawai'i.

Includes:Diving Deep Into Your Soul, on-island ground transportation, food & beverages, visits to sacred sites, other activities

5 nights accommodation at Paliuli Farm (purchased separately, ranging from $60-110 a nt, $250-550 TOTAL per person for all 5 nights)

Beginning: Evening May 19th, 2022

Ending: Noon May 24th, 2022

Carolyn Berry is authentically happy!

Registration Closed

One payment of $1,749 or 3-payments of $583 each

Diving Deep Into Your Soul

Is a One-Time Opportunity

Begins on the evening of Thursday, May 19 ends at noon, Tuesday, May 24.

Register now, before we sell out.

You may never have another chance to work with Carolyn Berry in Hawai'i.

we know you will love

Diving Deep Into Your Soul


The transformation that happens working with Carolyn.

Carolyn has been a true blessing for me, and by extension for my family. Her gentle guidance and teaching has had a powerful and positive impact in many areas – from family relationships to finances – and everything in between. She is a coach, a teacher, and a trusted friend.

- Tom

Carolyn is an angel in my life…Guiding me toward a happier, more balanced way of living. In the past, my life’s path was littered with “not good enough” thinking. Thanks to Carolyn’s gentle guidance, I’m learning to be comfortable with me.

- Edith

Letting go and letting someone guide the way for me was not always easy.

Carolyn has been a mentor, a teacher, and a guide in this human experience of mine for some time now, so when I had the opportunity to attend a retreat with her I jumped at the chance. Not knowing what to expect I came with an open mind, an open heart, and a lot of eagerness to dive into whatever lessons were presented to me.

The magical experience was structured in a way that allowed for exploration inside as well as out. It involved all the senses as nature is a big part of the retreat and for me, being an outdoorsman, I loved the wide open classroom...

Guidance to a better me...

A spiritual magical lesson...

As if going to an open air university to learn about myself, my power and my purpose...

Carolyn guides in a way, allowing nature and planet Earth to become the book of which we learn from....

- Ronnie Price

My life has been transformed by Carolyn. She taught me to open up to my inner knowing, to my own soul. Through her teachings I’ve learned to trust myself, the world, and the Universe to lead me into joyous expansion.

- Dara

I cannot recommend her more highly. She has lived through tough times herself and come out on the other end – so who better to guide you than someone with such love, empathy, deep understanding and experience?

- Anonymous

Add Some Video Testimonials

 If you have them.

Remind Them of The Scarcity. That Waiting Will Have Consequences.

Diving Deep Into Your Soul


Single Payment of


Full payment charged immediately upon registering.


~ 5 night, 4 1/2 day

Diving Deep Into Your Soul teachings with Carolyn

~ Ground transportation on-island (including to & from Kona Airport)

~ Clean, delicious catered food (fresh & local when possible)

~ Workbook to support your experience

~ Beverages and snacks

~ Visits to sacred sites

~ And additional activities

Three Payments of

$583 Each

1st payment charged immediately when registering, next two payments charged each week.


~ Airfare

~ On-site lodging at Paliuli Farm ~ paid for separately

(5-nights ranging from $60-110 a night, $250-$550 TOTAL per person, depending on unit)

Registration Closed

price = $1,749

For further questions, or if you need assistance, please email:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pick-up at the Kona Airport work?


We ask that, if at all possible, you plan to arrive at the Kona Airport between noon-6pm on Thursday, May 19th. Either Lyman or Micki will pick you, and maybe other attendees, up curb side at the airport and drive you to Paliuli Farm. We'll have dinner that night on-site.


Can I come before Diving Deep Into Your Soul starts? Or stay after it ends?


If you come to the Big Island of Hawai'i before Diving Deep Into Your Soul starts, we can not lodge you or provide ground transportation until after Noon on Thursday, May 19. We will gladly pick you up at the Kona Airport, or in the Kona Target Store parking lot between Noon-6pm on May 19. Or you may acquire your own transportation to Paliuli Farm.

You may stay after noon on Tuesday, May 24th. You will need to get your own vehicle, and to make arrangements directly with Micki for which unit you'd like to stay in. You'll need to pay a cleaning fee and the regular, nightly, room rate for one or two guests.


What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?


Make sure you tell us (there is a spot in the registration form). We will do our best to accommodate you.

Brought to you by The Sovereign Heartland,

a community alternative farm school that is fully inclusive of Neuro-unique student qualities and Indigenous wisdom.

A loving co-creation


Micki O'Brien and Lyman Houghton

For questions, or if we can be of assistance, please email: